Hacienda de Chihuahua

Extracted from 100% wild Sotol plant, aged for 12 months in French white oak barrels.
"The Sotol bouquet begins with an exciting flavor, more floral than herbal, more vanilla; a little spicy; the middle stage passes without disminishment in aromatic strength, while the essence of vanilla and oak deepens, and the floral aspect fades. The end result is harmony and elegance. There is an under estimating complexity in Hacienda de Chihuahua´s Sotol that other spirits do not possess, intriguingly different; on the palate, the entree flavor is exuberant, both regal and gentle, flavors of wood and fruit dry greet the palate - on the mid palate it becomes more herbal like the Sotol plant does, complete with light notes of pepper and mild dill; the remnant flavor is luxurious and long, deep vanilla and oak flavors delight the palate. To give it credit, it offers an alternative that is simultaneously complex and elegant. "